Hello beautiful world. This is a personal post explaining what’s been goin on in the land of Ides. So, where the fuck have I been? To make a long story short, I’ve been working on a new clothing line? Youre probably saying “Never knew you had one”. Well, thats because the namesake of this website was that very clothing line. During planning, I’m assuming someone with money stole my idea and got it off the ground before I could react to it. Probably from the kickstarter video I did because I highly doubt the person(s) came up with the same exact brand philosophy all by themselves as well as offering to buy this very website for $10,000 only to flake out on it like a little- well you know. Anyways, what can you do? This industry is a dog eat dog one and I took this as a powerful learning experience. Mainly, trademark your shit ASAP! So I shifted focus of this website because I wanted to keep it. The name is cool and well, fuck thieves. So look forward for my new NEW clothing brand I’ll be launching very soon as well as tuning in here for news on street art, street wear, music, and anything else that’s cool.

It seems like exciting things are happening for oppressed peoples lately. Palestinians obtaining international support for statehood and recognition by the UN and various Native American movements gaining momentum. These are personal victories of mine as they hit very close to home. I’m of very mixed heritage involving Lebanese, Irish, Native American (Sioux) as well as my wife being Palestinian and Puerto Rican. One thing all our heritages share are oppression and great injustices which continue to the present day. Like Palestinians, Native Americans fully understand the frustration and anger of having a homeland occupied only then to be humiliated by a system that effectively prohibits social equality and economic freedom. The Idle No More movement is addressing the system, in specific a bill being proposed which has the potential to bring great harm to lands belonging to Natives in Canada. It has prompted action by activists throughout North America involving scuffles with law enforcement  trying to silence protesters, the most recent and possibly appalling was a report of Mall of America security officials searching for anybody who looked Native American and kicking them out after a peaceful flash mob dance. These stories are not just somebody else’s problem, it goes much deeper than whats on the surface. After all, if they can oppress one person, they can oppress every person. It’s time we all inform ourselves and start demanding more from lawmakers and fight for ourselves instead of selecting people who fight for stock holders.

Paint for Palestine

December 30, 2012

The recent aggression of Israeli forces on the Palestinians made me start thinking about the art that comes out of such a situation. Occupied Palestine is a place filled with sadness, anger, frustration, oppression, and hope. No doubt, the graffiti seen in Palestine is very powerful and thought provoking. People who have long been ignored […]

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Tip your hat to one who wears a crown: RIP Tracy 168

October 31, 2012

If you’ve been around the graffiti/street art scene then you may have heard the name Tracy 168. If not then keep reading. Tracy 168 is possibly one of the most influential writers of all time. As creator of the “Wildstyle” technique, his legacy is seen worldwide as one of the most recognizable styles among graffiti. […]

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Dear East Coast

October 30, 2012

  To those of you without power, here’s some lulz to get you through the night. Stay safe everyone. To all my art collector friends, double bag those prints and frames and keep them high and dry. Tweet

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The Fall in Detroit

October 28, 2012

Detroit is an interesting place but unfortunately gets a bad rep. Artistically speaking, it is a playground for the creative mind.  I drove around for 10 minutes and here’s what I found.  Can’t wait to see what a few hours will bring. Enjoy. Tweet

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Things are changing!

October 8, 2012

Hello everybody! I wanted to thank everybody who took the time to check out my project. Things didn’t pan out with the “Ides of March” line but that doesn’t mean I walked away empty handed. I’ve talked with a lot of great people, learned many new things, and have even more motivation to do it right for round 2. […]

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